2022 Women’s Invitational Tournament

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Fines Field Baseball Facility
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The 2022 Women's Invitational Tournament is happening July 21-24 in Stonewall, Manitoba. 

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Volunteers Needed

All of us at Baseball Manitoba and the Girl’s Baseball Committee are proud to be hosting this event at Fines Field Baseball Facility. Plans are underway to ensure the championship will be an exceptional experience for players, coaches, officials, and fans, but events like this don't happen without the help of volunteers. 

Areas where volunteers are needed:

  • Front Gate Personel
  • Pitch Counters
  • Second Eyes Field of Play
  • Paper Scoring
  • Field of Play Maintenance
  • And More!

If you are interested in volunteering for this event please fill out the form linked below and email it to Gail Langlais at glanglais@mymts.net.


Thank you in advance for your support. Events like the 2022 Women's Invitational Tournament wouldn't be possible without the help of dedicated volunteers like you! 

Press Release

Written by Patti Hacault

Canadian girls and women have always dabbled in baseball. However, they usually mixed in among the boys; but not in the numbers they play the sport now, 20 years after the first sanctioned national championship for girls’ baseball in 1998.

Historically, females played softball and males played baseball in Canada. The reason was mostly cultural, reported Andre Lachance, former general manager of Baseball Canada and former field coach of Canada's National Women's Baseball Team.

Baseball Canada's Director of Business Development and Sport, André Lachance, bid farewell to his duties at the federation's national office.  He indicated in the past.

“Baseball associations would simply not offer baseball to girls. I’m not sure about why. Perhaps a stereotype that girls cannot handle baseball or that they would get hurt?” he offered. “I would say things started to change in the late 1990s. We had our first national championship back then. The first Women’s Baseball World Cup was in 2004. Lots has happened in just 15 years.”

This summer will be a golden opportunity to see some of Canada's best ball players.

The 2022 Women’s Invitational Championship is heading back to Stonewall, Manitoba.  The popular event featuring the top female baseball talent in the country will be hosted from July 21 -24, 2022. The previous event scheduled in 2020 and 2021 were both cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Stonewall is no stranger to hosting Baseball Canada National Championship events. They have previously hosted the Baseball Canada Cup on three occasions in the late 90’s while recently putting on successful editions of the 21U Women’s Invitational in both 2017 and 2018.

“The Manitoba Girls Baseball committee to so pleased to be hosting our third National event.

We had the privilege of hosting two 21U tournaments and will use that experience to welcome the best women players in Canada in July.

The calibre of baseball is excellent, and we would love to see fans from across Manitoba come out and enjoy a weekend of exceptional baseball,” said Gail Lanqlais, co-chairperson,  Women’s Invitational Championship Committee.