2021 Sport Manitoba Coaching Awards

BM 2021 Sport Man Coaching Award Promo Image Facebook and Twitter_1.png

Three members of the Baseball Manitoba community have been nominated for the 2021 Sport Manitoba Coaching Awards! 

The following are the coaches and the category in which they are nominated or recognized:

Kati Auger: The Vince Leah Memorial Award (Fundamentals/Active Start)

Amos Ramon: The Peter Williamson Memorial Award (Train to Compete/Train to Win)

Mike Krykewich: Years of Service Recognition

Congratulations to Kati, Amos, and Mike! All nominees, finalists, and winners will be shared and celebrated on April 6, 2021 at noon. This year’s announcements, because of COVID-19 restrictions, will be held through Sport Manitoba's social media. You can find all their accounts linked below.

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