Baseball Manitoba Volunteer Appreciation

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Baseball Manitoba wants to show its appreciation for all the hardworking members of its community by showcasing some of the dedicated volunteers that helped make the 2020 season possible.

All nominees will be featured on our website and on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Simply click the link below and complete the online form!

*Nominations for 2020 are now closed. 

Thank you for your nominations! Learn more about some of our great volunteers below.


Lou Kulyk: Elmwood Giants Baseball Club

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"Since the Passing of long-time Elmwood Giants member Bev Fisher, Lou Kulyk has taken on the responsibility of taking care of Koskie Field. With Covid hitting us this year, Lou was instrumental in preparing the field, dugouts, and entrance’s by having everything cleaned and sanitized every day before practices and games. Lou was the first to arrive at the park every day by 7 am, and most of the time, last to leave. His passion for the 2020 MJBL Champion Elmwood Giants was second to none and he never missed a game whether at home or on the road. His dedication to the Giants organization and Koskie Field didn’t go unnoticed. Everyone who came to the park saw Lou tinkering in the Garage, emptying the garbage cans, or changing the oil in the tractors. Lou Kulyk has accumulated over 1200 volunteer hours this 2020 season at Koskie Field. The Elmwood Giants would like to thank Lou for his time, efforts and dedication to the great game of baseball.

Lou Kulyk’s friendly demeanour is always noticed by visiting teams and outside renters of Koskie Field. He will stop by the dugouts to say hi, and if anyone ever needs something all they have to do is ask. His hard work never goes unnoticed and the Elmwood Giants are proud to have Lou taking care of the facility." said his nominator.

Thank you Lou from all of us at Baseball Manitoba! 


Ryan Albrecht: Boissevain

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"Ryan Albrecht coached a local Bantam team to an undefeated season and initiated the AAA bantam Oildome season in spite of COVID-19 roadblocks. He coached his AAA team to a winning record and after finishing his playing career a few years ago Ryan also began coaching the Senior team. He spends countless volunteer hours helping to maintain the grounds.

Ryan is a baseball guy. He is an incredible coach, leader and mentor to a number of young athletes and coaches. He is firm but fair on the diamond and always has the player's best interest at heart. He is well versed in the game and is able to articulate his messaging in a way that he is able to capture his player's full attention. He spends countless hours researching and designing high-quality practices which show when his teams hit the diamond" said his nominator.

Thank you Ryan from all of us at Baseball Manitoba! 


Jodie Romanow: Dauphin Minor Baseball

Jodie Romanow Twitter Image.png

Jodie Romanow is the President of Dauphin Minor Baseball. 

"Over the past several years, Jodie has shown enthusiasm for helping her community through fundraising and financial management, and she usually takes the greatest burden of work along with her husband (a coach) and son (player and umpire). She has worked on topics such as website development, diamond improvement (including accessing grants), planning and hands-on installation of improvements, and game and umpire scheduling. Jodie is enthusiastic about everything baseball related. She pushed through the difficulty of the 2020 season (due to COVID-19) and continues to work hard to make the improvements needed in her community." said her nominator. 

Thank you Jodie from all of us at Baseball Manitoba! 


Kelcie Neufeld: Vita Baseball

Kelcie Neufeld Twitter Image.png

"Kelcie coaches a Rally Cap team and did a great job during the 2020 season. She made all practices fun for the kids despite all the restrictions. The athletes on her team were all smiles, all the time! She also set a good example for the kids with sanitizing and social distancing, even with her own kids." said her nominator.

Thank you Kelcie from all of us at Baseball Manitoba! 


Glen Simard: Brandon Minor Baseball

Glen Simard Twitter Image.png

"Glen has been a standout within our organization for several years now, and our association feels that the time is right for him to be recognized for his tireless work. He schedules eight diamonds, applies for grants, organizes schedules, supervises drafting of players, orders equipment, and all this while juggling two teams along with a full-time job. This year was especially trying, and Glen put his head down and got to work. None of what we accomplished this season happens without his enthusiasm, organizational leadership, expertise and passion to give back to our community.

This isn't a guy who is in it to advance his own agenda. Glen truly is a fan of the game, and wants to grow the sport. He embraces new ideas, and is willing to try all avenues in the hopes to get more kids playing. We have winter programming, and a July/August recreational league that were both started because of his leadership. He was a catalyst behind BMBA hosting the Western Canadian Championships a few years back, along with countless other events. Glen never complains and always strives to continue to do what's best for the players in our leagues. He is a big cheerleader of the prospects program as well as an advocate for multi-sport athletes. Glen has found places for ALL kids to develop and play, not just a select few." said his nominator.

Thank you Glen from all of us at Baseball Manitoba!


Roslyn Smyth: Springfield Minor Baseball

Roslyn Smyth Twitter Image.png

"Roslyn Smyth was a dedicated volunteer for the Springfield Minor Baseball Association board during the 2020 season. She provided leadership and guidance in moving towards a new and inclusive team name, excelled in her role and duties as Website, Email, and Social Media Manager, and Registrar for the SMBA board (an Association of over 200 athletes),

Roslyn has been a volunteer with the Springfield Minor Baseball Association (SMBA) board for over 15 years. During those years Roslyn has become the backbone of Springfield baseball – providing leadership, guidance, creativity and above all, her time. The task of summarizing Roslyn’s contributions to baseball in the community of Springfield is not an easy one. Roslyn, or Roz as she is known to many in the community, is simply synonymous with Springfield baseball. Initially (and continually) active as team manager for her sons’ baseball teams, she exponentially broadened her roles and responsibilities with SMBA each and every year.

Roslyn became the SMBA’s Rally Cap Co-Ordinator – responsible for compiling teams, recruiting coaches, organizing the year-end wind up and celebrating the successes of a program that is routinely 70 athletes large in Springfield. As SMBA’s registrar, Roslyn took on a gargantuan responsibility for an Association of over 200 athletes. She maintained and updated SMBA’s database of athlete and coach information, accepted and processed athlete payment and provided Baseball Manitoba with the required team registration information. When Red River Valley Baseball (RRVB) and Baseball Manitoba moved towards online registration and payment she provided both RRVB and SMBA with guidance and expertise to ensure the smooth transition. Recognizing and always on the cusp of new and emerging trends and technologies, Roslyn took on the role of creating and maintaining SMBA’s website, email and social media feeds. As one of the Winnipeg Goldeyes' biggest fans, Roslyn was instrumental in organizing a yearly SMBA Goldeyes Day, a day in which Goldeyes players provided skill and team-building sessions to the SMBA athletes. Certainly one of Roslyn’s favourite days of the year – it would include a BBQ and socializing with the Goldeyes players and ended with a Springfield contingent taking in a game at Shaw Park. 

Yearly, Roslyn would take the lead in organizing SMBA’s participation in Springfield’s Chicken Daze parade. Always a monumental task, it included: coordinating the safe and successful parade of athletes and organizing a BBQ and snack bag giveaway for the participants. Most recent, Roslyn was crucial in providing guidance and leadership in SMBA’s decision to move forward with a new and inclusive team name. In addition to all the specific roles and responsibilities, Roslyn became the SMBA board Mentor. She provided knowledge, guidance, expertise and kindness to all the new board members who joined during her tenure. She also was the lead volunteer recruiter – bringing many new persons to the SMBA board. 

Recently, Roslyn advised the SMBA that she would be stepping down from her role as a board member. She expressed a desire to branch out to other volunteer opportunities but promised to recruit her replacement before leaving. True to her word and efficient as always – Roslyn found her replacement and has now stepped down from SMBA. The words above cannot fully express what Roslyn has meant and continues to mean to Springfield baseball. Her dedication, enthusiasm and expertise will be missed but certainly not forgotten. On behalf of the SMBA board and the members of Springfield baseball – THANK YOU ROZ!" said her nominator. 

Thank you Roslyn from all of us at Baseball Manitoba!


Robert Gwynne: East Selkirk/Red River Valley

Robert Gwynne Twitter Image.png

In 2019, Robert Gwynne coached the 13U AA Expos, and in 2020 he coached the 13U AAA Pioneers, who went on to win the City Championship, marking the first time Red River Valley has been on the trophy.

"Robert has spent countless hours running practices and prepping diamonds (especially after the rain). His love for the game and encouragement of the players is above and beyond what is expected of a coach." said his nominator.

Thank you Robert from all of us at Baseball Manitoba!


Erin Lemky: Carman Minor Baseball

Erin Lemky Twitter Image.png

"Erin Lemky has been the President of Carman Minor Ball since 2015 and continued to lead our community clubs for baseball and softball through a challenging but successful 2020 season. She has finished her latest term on the board as club president and will now be taking on a different role, but still staying a member of this board of committed volunteers.  As a member of the Carman Ball Diamond Building Project Committee, Erin has seen years of planning, grant application writing, sponsorship seeking, fundraiser event planning, and work bee coordination. All her hard work finally came to reality as major construction pieces (landscaping, irrigation, parking lot, batting cages, backstops/fencing, turf seeding) were all started and mostly completed in 2020.

Erin has given immeasurable amounts of her time and energy to Carman Baseball over the past 5+ seasons. Her level of contribution is well-known among the Carman Minor Baseball board and local membership. This year was particularly significant in our community as our ball diamond project (years in the making) has finally started to look like a baseball complex. The chance to play real baseball on these new diamonds in 2021 has helped us realize the time and effort that volunteers like Erin have given to something so special. Erin has been there behind the scenes and at the ballpark in so many ways (coaching, organizing our club, planning and participating in diamond work bees, hosting league tournaments, league registrar, fundraising, and more) for many years. In our community, there is no better time for her to receive recognition, such as this for her contributions." said her nominator.

Thank you Erin from all of us at Baseball Manitoba!


Rick Smythe: St.James

Rick Smythe Twitter Image.png

"Rick was a Rally Cap coach during the 2019 and 2020 season, his team being the St. James Dragons. Rick is an amazing Dad and coach! He works shift work and used all holidays to book his off weeks to make sure he was there for the kids!" said his nominator. 

Thank you Rick from all of us at Baseball Manitoba!


Curtis de Peña: St. James Senior Baseball

Curtis de Peña Twitter Image.png

"Curtis does a wide variety of jobs for the St James A's Senior Baseball team on and off the field. He attends league meetings, schedules games and books diamonds, runs the budget, and was responsible for the safe return to play this summer. Curtis also pitches, plays a variety of positions in the field, and contributes offensively as a player. He manages the lineup, makes roster decisions, and helps players understand their roles on the team. Senior Baseball in St James would not happen without Curtis.

St James was able to return safely to the field this summer and that was possible by the efforts of Curtis. We were able to complete our entire season and ultimately win the WSBL championship. I know Curtis also helped coached the Winnipeg South Jr. team by using whatever spare time he had this summer.

Curtis is an extremely positive and passionate individual. He makes coming to the diamond an enjoyable experience because of the way he plays, how much fun he has, and his wild stories before/after games and in between innings." said his nominator.

Thank you Curtis from all of us at Baseball Manitoba!


Kate Auger: Russell Minor Baseball

Kate Auger Twitter Image.png

Kate Auger is the Midwest League Registrar & President as well as involved with the Russell Rally Cap team and the Russell Grand Slam team.

"Kate has volunteered her time in every aspect to baseball in the town of Russell. She leads by example, she volunteers with the semi-annual Russell diamond clean up crew and volunteers to coach where any coaches are needed. She has instituted and streamlined the new registration process set forth by Baseball Manitoba. Her hard work and determination helped to ensure Russell continued with baseball throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. She took the lead role in instituting and communicating the new sanitization guidelines to protect our athletes and other teams'. Kate also accepted the role of Midwest League President. In normal years this is a daunting position and despite the pandemic, she oversaw the league and exceeded all expectations.

Kate, having played ball herself until high school, volunteers out of passion and works tirelessly to keep baseball going in our community. Although her position is officially Registrar, she is considered (unofficially) as the person to ask when anyone has questions on any subject. Her dedication does not stop with baseball. She has three children, all with active lives, and she volunteers with minor hockey and sits on the Russell Parklan Linc board, an organization that helps special needs individuals live a healthy life." said her nominator.

Thank you Kate from all of us at Baseball Manitoba!


Mike & Diane Anderson: WABA / Charleswood / Winnipeg South

Mike and Diane Anderson Twitter Image.png

Mike is the President of WABA and Diane is the President of Charleswood Baseball and a WSMBA board member.

"Each year WSMBA gives out awards to deserving volunteers, coaches and players. This year Diane Anderson was our Volunteer of the Year! While Diane was absolutely deserving of this award, it is the "of the Year" term that is actually quite modest for the likes of a volunteer like Diane!

Diane is Winnipeg South's RAMP-admin extraordinaire! Diane had provided countless convenors and other volunteers with guidance with the new registration system that has allowed 7/8 of our Clubs to use RAMP efficiently! With the challenges brought forward by COVID-19 this season, Diane, along with her husband Mike visited every Charleswood diamond to mark benches and spots along fences for coaches and players to ultimately ensure their safety this season. But it isn't only the time and effort put into this impressive endeavour, it is the fact that Diane did it for the wellbeing of her baseball community." said her nominator.

"The 2020 AAA baseball season would not have happened without the dedication of Michael Anderson. As WABA President for the 2020 season, Michael guided the Association through the COVID-19 pandemic with the leadership and dedication necessary for success. As a long-time fixture with both the Winnipeg South Minor Baseball Association and WABA AAA Baseball Association, Michael is year in and year out an integral volunteer for baseball in Manitoba." said his nominator.

Thank you Mike and Diane from all of us at Baseball Manitoba!


Tamara Prociuk: Gateway

Tamara Prociuk Twitter Image.png

"From mid-June until August, Tamara coached two teams five nights a week while still working her job five days a week. There was a lot of travel this year with her making the trip to Selkirk or Lockport twice a week for the Selkirk Rally Cap team despite having no affiliation to the Selkirk club. She did so because Red River Valley didn't have organized baseball this season. She travelled a lot for the East End U10 Softball girls team too, as games were scattered all around Winnipeg and some southwest neighbouring communities. She worked hard to make sure her athletes had the chance to play this summer. Tamara stepped up when asked and took on the East End U10 team three days before the season started.

In a year full of challenges for everyone involved in Baseball Manitoba, Tamara stepped up and as a result, two teams of children from countless community clubs had an opportunity to play ball this summer. I witnessed how much time she put into those two teams, and she deserves recognition for putting the kids first." said her nominator. 

Thank you Tamara from all of us at Baseball Manitoba!


Dan Cox: Red River Valley Sports League

Dan Cox Twitter Image.png

"RRVSL opted out of participating in the 2020 season due to COVID-19, but that didn’t stop Dan from volunteering many hours helping the teams that registered out of a different association. Dan attended and supported his teams throughout the season by attending games, mowing the infield in-between city dates, painted the chalk lines at all games held at the Transcona Stadium, and spent time begging the city for the stadium lights to be turned on during playoffs as the sun got away on us. In addition to cheering his teams on at games, Dan made special trips to evaluate each player, so that players would know where improvements can be made over the winter clinics, as well as better training for their clinicians.

Dan is very knowledgeable in the sport and has given of his time to help teach players by spending one on one time with them helping them improve their skill. Dan is always looking for ways to improve the baseball experience for all players and works tirelessly to see them through!"

Thank you Dan from all of us at Baseball Manitoba!