Message From Our President

June 8, 2020

To Baseball Manitoba Members:

Today is like Christmas morning, baseball begins today.

Baseball Manitoba staff, management committee and members from across the province have all contributed to the Return To Play Plan (RTP). Checklists have been developed to be used in conjunction with the RTP. Suggestions from Sport Manitoba from the Provincial Government and direction from Manitoba's Health Authority have culminated in baseball returning to the practice field today.

The health and safety of people in sport, including players, coaches, umpires, spectators, volunteers, and the public, continues to be of the utmost importance to Baseball Manitoba. We are excited to see baseball resume in Manitoba and will work diligently to keep it a fun, safe environment for our members and the public.

The preceding paragraph has appeared in all of Baseball Manitoba communication and it remains to be true.

I would encourage our members to get onto the field and create great baseball memories in 2020. Please keep in mind that there are varying levels of comfort in returning to play our sport. It is of utmost importance that we follow our RTP to help everyone gain a measure of comfort.

I look forward to attending some practice fields and enjoying the game of baseball.

I am currently unsure of the frequency in which we will be monitored by public health officials. If any baseball activity is observed by public health officials they will be comparing what's occurring on the field with the document that we have submitted and how closely we are following it.

Baseball Manitoba would appreciate feedback while you return to train. With a return to game action slated for around July 1st we have the opportunity to consider adjustments.

It is everyone's responsibility to help keep our participants, coaches, officials, parents safe and healthy.

Tony Siemens - Baseball Manitoba President