Victor Fron Passing

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Victor Fron, former Fire Chief of the Dauphin Fire Department and member of the Baseball Manitoba community, has passed away.

Victor was a Level 3 umpire for approximately 30 years, and was a mentor to many other umpires during his career. He was the UIC for Dauphin Minor Baseball and went on to become the UIC for Parkland Minor Baseball as well. Victor worked incredibly hard, and he never turned down or missed an assignment. He was also involved in Regionals, High School Playoffs, Provincials, Senior Ball, and was a mentor during the Swan River Provincial Summer Games. 

If his track record within the community wasn't enough to prove his love for the sport, his personal life also showed his dedication. He stayed up to date on current baseball related news, whether it was local, provincial, or majors. Vic just loved the game. He studied the rule book faithfully and was always a person others could count on for a ruling.

Victor's passing affects many people across the province, and all of us at Baseball Manitoba send our deepest condolences to the Fron family and his entire community at this time. 

You can read more about Victor here.