2018 and 2019 Baseball Canada NEW Rules - REMINDER

2018 Baseball Canada Rule Changes

A. Intentional Walk Rule: Baseball Canada has adopted the Major League Baseball Rule that allows for batters who are being intentionally walked to go directly to 1st base, and not have any pitches thrown. The Head Coach only has to signal their decision to the home plate umpire that they want the batter intentionally walked. Only pitches actually thrown will be included in Pitch Count totals. Automatic balls during an intentional walk do not count towards Pitch Count totals. Example; if during a count of 2 balls - 0 strike, a team signals to the umpire that a batter will receive an intentional walk, only 2 pitches will be counted for pitch count.

B. Extra Hitter: this may be used in 13U, 15U, and 16U Girls (NOTE: This is for categories that use the Re-Entry Rule, not the Everybody Bats Rule). An Extra-Hitter (EH) may be placed on the lineup card (a 10th hitter which can be placed anywhere in the batting order) as a way to get more athletes at-bats throughout the game. This rule is optional for both teams prior to each game and does not have to be used by both teams during a game. The EH must be marked on the lineup card at the start of the game and must be used for the entire game. The EH may be interchanged with any other position during the game and can be changed multiple times. For example, the SS could become the EH and the EH become the SS. In the event that a player is injured and the team has no eligible substitutes available, Re-entry Rule would apply and the team would continue to bat ten players. If the team had no other players available for selection OR in the event of an ejection, the game would proceed with 9 players, without forfeit. A player removed due to injury or ejection in this circumstance is not permitted to return to the game. Any further loss of players would result in a forfeit.

C. Team Dress: Teams shall be dressed in matching uniforms of an acceptable standard. All uniforms, including those of managers and coaches shall be matching and numbered. When coaching the bases, the uniform game jersey must be worn. If a team jacket or windshirt is worn, it must include the team’s official logo and be consistent with the team’s uniform color and apparel. If both coaches opt to wear a jacket, the jackets must be uniform. At all other times, coaches are allowed to wear a team-issued jacket or windshirt.

D. Age Group bat: A player is to follow the bat rule based on the division that they are playing in during the game. For example; a 13U player playing in a 15U game is subject to the 15U bat rule. A 16U Girl playing in a 15U game is subject to the 15U bat rule.

E. Sports Elbow Brace: A sports elbow brace may be worn by a pitcher provided it is covered by a sleeve which is not distracting in nature including designs and reflective material.

2019 NEW Baseball Canada Rule Changes

All rule changes for BASEBALL CANADA are in the new Rule book (BOLDED).

One thing that should be noted from the MLB rules that are normally just passed was the mound visits- BBCAN did not accept that as a rule change for our rule book and it is noted under 5.10 (m)

1. Rule 6.02 (5) - Any pitcher caught pitching before his required rest happens - his rest days would restart on the day he/she illegally pitched. Plus set ejections for coach based on if caught during game or after game.
2. Created an 18U pitch count for females and added that female pitchers pitching in older age groups are now subject to their real age group’s numbers.
3. Rule 1.4.2b (Team Dress) - if there is a conflict and if each have 2 sets the home team has first choice.
4. Rule 2.2.3d - Baseball Canada Rep has the authority to set IF/Of times or eliminate completely
5. Rule 2.2.1 (dugouts) - added The host team shall have their preference of dugouts, so long as it was discussed at the pre-tournament meeting.

Rule 6.03(a)(4):
The following policies are in effect in regard to corked, improperly treated, and otherwise
altered bats:
First, Official Baseball Rules 3.02(a) through (d) and 6.03(a)(4) are in no way changed or
affected by the policies set forth herein. These rules, which define the construction of the
bat, the use of substances to improve the grip of the bat and the penalty for the use of an
illegal bat, remain in effect.
Second, should it be discovered by direct, immediate observation by an umpire during play
that a player is using or attempting to use an illegal bat, the provisions of Official Baseball
Rule 6.03(a)(4) will fully apply and will result in the ejection of the player and in nullification
of any game action immediately attributable to the use of that bat.
Third, should it be found that an illegal bat was used in the game, the player using an
illegal bat, his manager and perhaps his Club will all be liable to severe discipline, including
fines and suspension as the League may determine.

If There is lightning around the ballpark and you don’t feel it’s safe to stay on the diamond invoke the thunder rule. Something to this affect. By eliminating the lightning off the weather card umpires felt it was safe to stay on the diamond. We need the umpires to err on the side of caution.