2018 Awards Banquet Recap

This past Saturday we were proud to present our 2018 Awards Banquet honouring our best coaches, officials, players, teams, volunteers, and honorary members for their performances and/or contributions to the sport of baseball.  We invited all coaches, umpires, league presidents, regional directors, and executive members to nominate those individuals who deserve recognition for their performance over the past year. The 2018 Baseball Manitoba Awards Banquet was a great success, and we thank all of those who came, enjoyed the evening, and celebrated our 50th Anniversary with us. You can check out the photos below to learn more about the event and view all the award winners and special guests. 

Corey Koskie was the guest speaker for the evening. Perhaps the greatest player ever to hail from Manitoba, Corey grew up in Anola and went on to have great career in the Major Leagues which lasted almost 10 years. He played for Minnesota, Toronto and Milwaukee with his greatest season coming in 2001 hitting 26 home runs and amassing 103 RBIs. Corey has spent his post MLB career in Minnesota working in the fitness and high performance sport industry, focusing on promoting healthy habits in amateur sport. 

We were also joined by Jason Dickson,  a native of Miramichi, New Brunswick and the current President of Baseball Canada. He was drafted in 1994 in the 6th round by the California Angels, where he spent all of his 4 MLB seasons. In his best season, 1997, he finished with 13 Wins and appeared in the All-Star Game. Jason was also a member of Canadian National Team at the 2004 Olympics.

Master of Ceremonies: Clayton Dreger, Sport Director Golden West Radio

mba # 24 a Dreger_0.jpg

Special Guest: The Honourable Cathy Cox

MBA # 1 Cathy Cox_0.jpg

Special Guest: Jason Dickson, President, Baseball Canada

MBA # 1 Jason Dickson_0.jpg

Guest Speaker: Corey Koskie

MBA # 3 a Corey Koskie_0.jpg

2018 Award Winners

Challenger Player of the Year: Alyssa White (Winnipeg) 

MBA # 4 a Alyssa White_1.jpg

Photo left to right: Corey Koskie, Alyssa White.

Youth Umpire of the Year: Ethan Holland (Winnipeg)

MBA # 5  Holland_0.jpg

Photo left to right: Ethan Holland, David Whitehead, VP Finance, Baseball Manitoba.

Larry Nicholls - Umpire Award of Merit: Murray Lawrance (Steinbach)

MBA # 6 a  Lawrence_0.jpg

Photo left to right: Corey Koskie, Murray Lawrance.

Volunteer of the Year: Roger and Gail Langlais (Garson) 

MBA # 7 a Langlais_0.jpg

Photo left to right: Corey Koskie, Roger Langlais, Gail Langlais, Jason Dickson, President, Baseball Canada​​​​​.

First Honour Society Inductee: Gerald "Boomer" Palidwor (Dugald) 

MBA # 8 a Palidwor_0.jpg

Photo left to right: Corey KoskieGerald "Boomer" Palidwor.

MBA # 8 b Palidwor_0.jpg

MBA # 8 Palidwor_0.jpg

Photo left to right: Gerald "Boomer" Palidwor, Tony Siemens, President, Baseball Manitoba.

13U (Pee Wee) Player of the Year: Hugh Montgomery (Bonivital) 

MBA # 9 Montgomery_0.jpg

Photo left to right: Hugh Montgomery, Terry Couvier, VP, Competition, Baseball Manitoba.

15U (Bantam) Player of the Year: Juni Song (Winnipeg South) 

MBA # 10 a Song_0.jpg

Photo left to right: Corey KoskieJuni Song.

18U (Midget) Player of the Year: Shayne Campbell (Bonivital) 

MBA # 11 Campbell_0.jpg

Photo left to right: Accepting for Shayne Campbell is his Mother, Kathy Campbell, Terry Couvier, VP, Competition, Baseball Manitoba.

Second Honour Society Inductee: Gerald Ouellette (Winnipeg) 

MBA # 12 a Ouellette_0.jpg

Photo left to right: Corey Koskie, Gerald Ouellette, Tony Siemens, President, Baseball Manitoba.

Female Player of the Year: Brittney Langlais (Garson)

MBA # 13 Langlais_0.jpg

Photo left to right: Accepting for Brittney Langlais is Cole Olfert, former teammate, Nicole Madsen, VP, Sport Development, Baseball Manitoba.

21U (Junior) Player of the Year: Nik Kauenhofen (Carillon) 

MBA # 14 Kauenhofen_0.jpg

Photo left to right: Nik Kauenhofen, Kevin Booker, VP, High Performance, Baseball Manitoba.

Senior "AA" Player of the Year: Chris Moffatt (Morden)

MBA # 15 a Moffatt_0.jpg

Photo left to right: Corey Koskie, Chris Moffatt.

Third Honour Society Inductee: Ron Shewchuk (Minnedosa) 

MBA # 17 Shewchuck_0.jpg

Photo left to right: Ron Shewchuk, Jason Dickson, President, Baseball Canada​​​​​.

Grassroots Coach of the Year: Dean Sproule (Niverville)

MBA # 18 a Sproule_0.jpg

Photo left to right: Corey Koskie, Dean Sproule.

High Performance Coach of the Year: Dave Martine (Brandon)

MBA # 19 Martine_0.jpg

Photo left to right: Dave Martine, Nicole Madsen, VP, Sport Development, Baseball Manitoba.

Grassroots Team of the Year: 14U Girls Team Manitoba

MBA # 20 b Grassroots Team_0.jpg

Photo left to right: Dean Sproule, Coach, Kennedy Sproule, Mercedees Gorham, Corey Koskie.

High Performance Team of the Year: Minor: 13U AAA Brandon Marlins

MBA # 21 a High Performance Team_0.jpg

MBA # 21 b High Performance Team_0.jpg

High Performance Team of the Year: Major: Morden Mohawks

MBA # 22 HIgh Performance Team Major_0.jpg

Photo left to right: Corey Koskie, Chris Moffatt, Brent Laverty, Kevin Booker, VP, High Performance, Baseball Manitoba.

MBA # 22 a HIgh Performance Team Major_0.jpg

Baseball Manitoba Region of the Year: Carillon

MBA # 23 Region of the Year_0.jpg

Photo left to right: Corey Koskie, Alex Grenier, Tony Siemens, President, Baseball Manitoba.

2018 Baseball Manitoba Sponsor: Heavy Metal Design

MBA # 16 Sponsor - Heavy Medal Design_0.jpg

Photo left to right: Corrie AasenTony Siemens, President, Baseball Manitoba.

2018 Baseball Manitoba Sponsor: Kahunaverse 

MBA # 16 Sponsor - Kahunaverse_0.jpg

Photo left to right: Kellen Gurniak, Tony Siemens, President, Baseball Manitoba.

We want to thank all our special guests and speakers for taking the time to join us at this event, and congratulations to all the award winners. Thank you all for another great year of Baseball Manitoba!