Available Programs for Female Baseball Players in Manitoba

Spring may seem a long way off! However, throughout dedicated Manitoba players still have their gloves, and bats sitting by their doors, preparing for next year’s season of baseball. These young ladies, who choose baseball, are taking a path, which is challenging and very rewarding.

There are very few “all-girls” baseball teams; other than the three “all-girls” (14U, 16U, and 21U) teams rostered by Manitoba Baseball to participate in the Canadian Invitations Championships (Nationals) and Westerns.

Congratulations to those ladies who took part in the numerous events held this past summer – 16U Girls National Championship in Bedford, Nova Scotia, the 14U Western Canadian Championships in Spruce Grove, Alberta and the 21U Women’s Invitational Championship in Stonewall. Special accolades go to the 14U team who won the silver medal in Alberta – awesome, way to go!

Thankfully, many Manitoba teams support these girls who are registered on their teams. The boys, and their coaches welcome their female players and the talents they bring with them.

While playing on their local and regional teams these young ladies need several skills to be successful – skill set, determination, and adaptability. The skills have resulted in win-win combination for baseball as a whole.

The Manitoba Girls Baseball Committee would like to provide an overview of what is available for girls who wish to play baseball in Manitoba. The goal is to develop and improve a baseball skill-set, and give these fledgling players an opportunity to advance on on a wider Manitoba "stage."

The 12U program is designed as a supportive development opportunity for players to get a chance to learn all positions. We encourage all players to play community ball in addition to this program.

12U - Provincial 12U Program included a mix of practices, games and tournaments. The eligible ages for the 2019 season is 2007 (10), 2006 (11) and 2005 (12). This year the Off-Season, winter sessions are scheduled in the Southport Recreation Gym near Portage la Prairie. These sessions are offered twice a month, allowing our newest level of girls to move forward with some extra advanced skill development training

The 14U, 16U and 21U girls will also continue to participate in these sessions as well as the Baseball Off-Season Development Program through Baseball Manitoba and Sport Manitoba.

The Southport Recreation Facility has been booked for the following Sunday sessions:

November 4 / 18

December 2 / 16

January 13 / 27

February 10 / 17

March 10 / 24

We were fortunate enough to secure a great time frame of 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., and we are looking for some assurance from those individuals who are interested in taking part in these sessions.

We have an experienced, knowledgeable group of coaches who will be heading these sessions.

Please note that the space booked is three-hours in length.

This year, we are planning to incorporate (if numbers warrant) a 12U session to run for the first hour. Organizers feel it is time to offer these fledging young ladies an opportunity to develop in the off-season as well. If we do not get a response the session, we will continue with the booked facility to the maximum time of three-hours.

The budget will depend on the numbers and levels registering; but are leaning towards $15.00 for the 12U girls for their session and $30.00 per session for the older girls. In order to balance our budget, we would like 12 girls per session. Space will be available for extras providing one of the regulars is not attending at a slightly higher cost.

In order to confirm that these sessions will move forward, we need a commitment of those who are interested.

Please confirm your intentions by October 20th, so we can move forward.

To register for these sessions, please contact Patti Hacault at pattihacault@gmail.com