2018 Twi-lite Baseball Provincial Championships

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Twi-lite tournament to be held July 27-29 at Wawanesa, MB.

Ross Tycoles - Chair Senior Council



  • Senior Council will oversee the operation of Twilite Baseball in Manitoba and look to add a Rep from Twi lite baseball.
  • 2 categories – 35 & over and 45 & over.
  • For 2018 any players born in 1983 will be eligible to play in 35 & over, those born in 1973 to play in 45 & over.
  • Players can be playing senior baseball and be eligible to play in Twilite baseball.
  • Players roster size must have a minimum of 11 and maximum of 18 players.
  • Roster fee of $150 per team to register with Baseball Manitoba by June 1, 2018. Made payable to Baseball Manitoba.
  • Rosters to be submitted by July 1/2018.


2018 Provincial Championship

  • Only players registered with Baseball Manitoba will be eligible to play in this tournament.
  • Provincials shall be July 27-29.
  • Wawanesa will serve as the host site.
  • Entry fee for each team is $400, payable by July 15 made payable to the host site. (details to come)
  • The host will not charge a gate fee – free admission for all.
  • 2-man umpire system to be used. Host responsible for costs.
  • Baseball Manitoba will provide administration, balls, convenor, keeper and permanent trophies to winning teams in each category.


Rules of the Game

Twi-lite baseball is played under the same regulations as conventional baseball with the following modifications:

  • Games are played with nine men on the field.
  • All players on the roster must bat with a minimum of 11 batters to a maximum of 18.
  • There is endless substitution allowed with the exception of the pitcher.
  • Games will be 6 innings in length
  • Maximum of 3 innings or 9 outs per pitcher per game (or in an inning called because of maximum runs - declared out are considered outs). Once removed from the pitching position at any time, the pitcher cannot return to the field as pitcher but can return in any other position.
  • Designated runner rule
    • Up to 3 people can be designated as needing a runner or designated runner (DR) prior to commencement of the game. The batter must run to first base but cannot run additional bases during the game.
    • The runner will be the last out previous to the DR batting unless that person is also a DR.
    • Designated runners must be declared before the start of the game
    • If two outs, the runner cannot be the catcher.
  • Teams must field 11 players each game.  If at any time the team falls below 11 players, including injury during a game, the team must take an out.
    • If one player short, an out is recorded in the 5th spot in the batting order
    • If two players short, outs are recorded in the 5th and 11th spots in the batting order
    • Injuries during the game end up being an out when their spot comes up in the batting order
  • Time limit / maximum runs
    • There will be a maximum of 6 runs allowed per inning until the 6th inning in which there is no maximum.
    • No new inning can start after 1 hour and 45 minutes from the 1st pitch. Time of first pitch must be declared to both teams.
    • No announcement of the commencement of the ‘last’ inning in this situation
    • Mercy rule – a game will be called complete if one team is 10 runs ahead after 4 innings or any compete inning thereafter
    • 4 complete innings constitute a game in case of rain delays
  • There will be no underage players allowed at either tournament
  • Ineligible players
    • If a team wishes to challenge the eligibility of a player(s), a written submission (form supplied) must be signed and presented to the tournament committee clearly indicating the grounds for the challenge.
    • The player(s) whose eligibility is questioned must provide information/evidence to refute the challenge. A valid Manitoba Medical card or valid Manitoba driver’s license must be presented.
    • The tournament committee will rule on site.
  • If a team is found to be using ineligible player(s):
    • the team will be stripped of any title awarded during the tournament
    • the team will forfeit their performance bond
    • the team and all players on the roster will be ineligible to compete in any Twilite tournaments the following year.

If you are interested in entering a team, please contact Ross Tycoles at rosstycoles@hotmail.com