Coaching Requirements

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Last year, Baseball Canada updated content and pathways for NCCP coaches. The new pathway is designed to bring more clarity to the baseball community with training related to the different age groups that coaches operate in. The pathway will incorporate a mix of eLearning and in-person clinics to maximize the learning experience.

Below you will find the required training to coach in Manitoba, notable changes, transfer plan, and FAQs.

Baseball Manitoba 2022 Coach Requirements

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Community Sport Teams (A/AA)

Competition Teams (AAA)

What's New in Manitoba

  • AAA Coaches
    • Pitching & Catching Clinic - Added to 13U
    • Skills Clinic - Added to 15U, 18U, and 21U
    • Video Packages
    • Updated Portfolio
    • Safe Sport eLearning
  • A/AA Coaches
    • My First Pitch eLearning
    • Video Packages (Recommended)

Transfer Plan

Coaches that have achieved statuses in the former NCCP program will have that status carried over to the current program. When viewing your NCCP account, your status will read "Transferred."

Note: Certified Coaches will need to take Safe Sport Training to complete the transfer.

Baseball Canada NCCP Transfer Plan


Will Clinics be offered in-person or online this year? All NCCP Clinics will be offered in person this year.

When will Clinics be offered? Baseball Manitoba will be offering clinics in April and May.

Initiation Coach Online In 2016, "Initiation Coach Online" was replaced by "Coach Initiation in Sport" and "Coach Initiation in Baseball (Fundamentals)." The old version has now been removed from the NCCP site. Coaches who took the old training do not need to take the newer versions.

*Coaches can view their old training on The Locker (Coaching Association of Canada).

Skills Analysis Clinic In 2016, the "Skills Analysis" clinic was replaced by the "Absolutes" clinic. The old version has been removed from the NCCP site. Coaches who took Skills Analysis or the old Level 1 & 2 Technical do not need to take the Absolutes Clinic.

*Coaches can view their old training on The Locker (Coaching Association of Canada).

What are the Video Packages and who is required to take them? The Video Packages are available in your NCCP account. They are offered at the 11U, 13U, 15U, and 16+ levels - free of charge. For each package, coaches are asked to watch a series of short videos that cover a wide range of skills and drills. AAA coaches are required to complete the package related to the age level they are coaching. A/AA coaches are encouraged to watch them as well.

What happens if I previously took the My First Pitch Clinic in person? The My First Pitch eLearning Module will be required for new 11U & 13U A/AA coaches. Coaches that previously took the MFP Clinic in person will not be required to take the new training - but it is highly recommended that they do.

Note: Certified coaches that take MFP eLearning will receive 1 PD point.

What is the new Skills Clinic? Baseball Canada has developed the Skills Clinic, with a focus on training coaches in the 15U and 16+ age classifications. The Clinic covers: Offense Philosophy, Infield/Outfield Positioning, Catching, Pitch Calling, and PFPs. This clinic is required for new AAA coaches at the 15U, 18U, & 21U age levels.

What is Safe Sport Training and how do I take it? Safe Sport is a free eLearning module designed to give coaches the knowledge and skills to create safe and inclusive sport environments by recognizing, addressing, and preventing maltreatment in sport. The training can be accessed using your coaching account at The Locker or by visiting the Safe Sport website -

Note: Certified coaches that complete this training will receive 2 PD points.

For more information on NCCP, checkout the Baseball Canada FAQs page or contact James at