Apprentice Coach Mentoring Program

Apprentice Coach Mentoring Program 2019


Baseball Manitoba is again offering an Apprentice Coach mentoring program in 2019.  Our overall objective is to help recruit and train more young coaches at all levels of competition. Based on feedback from participants last year we have simplified the application process. The program has the following features:


Apprentice Coaches will:

  • Serve as an Apprentice Coach for only one season, after which the normal NCCP training requirements will apply for the age division and competitive level that he/she desires to coach.
  • Be accepted as an Apprentice by a Head Coach who is fully certified for age level of the team in consideration.
  • Be approved as an Apprentice Coach/Head Coach pairing by the local baseball association in charge of the team.
  • Complete the Respect-in-Sport online course not later than two weeks into the season.
  • Not be a parent of any player on the team.
  • Be strongly encouraged to begin NCCP training as soon as they develop an interest in coaching beyond the single season.
  • be subject to any current club or association requirements for child-abuse and criminal registry checks, just like any other rostered coach
  • Complete a short electronic post-season survey about their experience as an Apprentice Coach.


Mentor Coaches will:

  • Accept the Apprentice Coach and ensure the support of the local baseball association for the appointment.
  • Commit to helping develop the Apprentice’s coaching skills through the season.
  • Complete a short electronic post-season survey about the Apprentice’s progress and suggestions for further development, along with feedback on the overall Apprentice Program


Apprentice appointments can be made at any competitive level (A, AA and AAA) and age divisions 11U to 18U. We highly recommend that the Apprentice be several years older than the players on the team. The number of Apprentice Coaches per team is a maximum of two, AND not more than one Apprentice for each fully certified coach on the same roster. 


Key points for Clubs about administration of this program in 2019:

  1. Each local baseball association or club is fully responsible for reviewing and approving the participation of any individual apprentice.
  2. They are also responsible for ensuring completion of RIS by the Apprentice and responding to any substantive issues that may arise during the season.
  3. Roster forms submitted to Baseball Manitoba must include any Apprentice Coaches on the special lines provided.
  4. Baseball Manitoba will share post-season survey results with the local association. Local associations should emphasize the importance of completing these surveys for Apprentices and Mentors.
  5. At the end of the season, Areas please also let us know YOUR thoughts and suggestions about this pilot Apprentice Program.
    Because Baseball Manitoba does not oversee competitions beyond Provincial Championships, the Apprentice Coach would be authorized to participate in league games and competitions up through Provincial Championships but not beyond.  Teams Qualifying for Westerns or National Championships should explore ways to keep the Apprentice engaged with the team other than as a rostered coach.
    We hope that you will take this opportunity to introduce some promising new coaches to the game!
    Thank you.
    Baseball Manitoba Coaching Committee